By Samuel Wetungu,

January 28, 2018,

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday announced his almost complete cabinet to the nation.
Kenyans have really been waiting for this exercise considering elections were held last year in October.
There are two conspicuous things that touched my attention.
One is the creation of a new position called Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the other being the appointment of my friend Rashid Echesa Mohamed to be a Cabinet Secretary for Sports. For CAO it will be a story for another day but we can be sure one Okiya Omutata has some work cut out for him in courts.

Back to Rashid Mohamed’s appointment;

First of all, I wish my brother well and I really hope he flies that flag. That will put Kakamega County on the national government radar and it will be our bragging rights as people of Kakamega.

Those who know the law about appointment of CS and their academic qualifications expected would tell you that Rashid’s inclusion may be hot air issue, a political rivalry score between the President and the Deputy President or just a gimmick to hoodwink a section of public or a section of politicians who sing Jubilee name day and night.

If indeed it’s true that Rashid Mohamed did not go beyond standard 6 in primary school, then the process of Parliament vetting and the clearance by EACC among other bodies could cause trouble to my friend, brother, and look-a-like as many have put it before.

The appointment of Raphael Tuju as a CS without portfolio may be just one option President Uhuru is having to readily replace Rashid who comes from Mumias if he doesn’t pass the vetting test and other related processes.
Another option is to still appoint a CS from Kakamega and the one person who comes close to this is one Mr. George Munji from Kabras.

George may not be as famous as Rashid who’s a close buddy and associate to Deputy President William Ruto but those who know him are aware that George is so close to the President Uhuru Kenyatta

In some political corners, it was a tussle between who would be supported for EALA between Rashid and Munji. The actual war was between the President and his deputy. Ruto supported Rashid while Uhuru supported Munji. They both ended up missing on EALA list submitted to parliament.

Definitely what followed was promises of other plum government positions like CS, CAO, PS, Ambassador etc.

Politically speaking this could mean that President Uhuru has managed to outmaneuver DP Ruto by appointing this guy to the cabinet who could either Munji or Tuju at the expense of the DP’s associate Rashid Mohamed if he fails to be cleared.

Secondly, if George gets it the President will still be able to justify to the people of Kakamega County that he has appointed a CS from one of their own. But this could deny the Wanga people the position who are most populous Luhya sub-tribe in Kakamega and giving Kabras who are 2nd most populous in Kakamega County.

After all, the Kabras have a Jubilee MP Hon. Moses Malulu Injendi of Malava constituency and the only elected Jubilee MCA from Kakamega County out of 60 Hon. Kevin Mahelo of Butali/Chegulo ward. They feel that they also have a stake in Jubilee government just like Wanga. After all, the MP for Mumias East Hon Washiali Benjamin is the government Chief Whip in National Parliament.

In short President, Uhuru will have won by stamping his authority in appointing almost all Cabinet Secretaries save for two who are known to be Deputy President’s close allies. They are Charles Keter CS nominee for Energy and Farida Karoney CS nominee for Lands.

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