People’s Assembly: A lucrative Opportunity Which Marginalized Counties Must Adopt

CAPTION: Kisumu County’s Lake Victoria.

By The Big Bill,
January 28, 2018,

Devolution was introduced to make counties independent of the central government. It is unfortunate that even counties rich in resources fifty years after independence are still struggling with poverty. However, it is not a surprise because the ruling party comprises of people who opposed the constitution that gave birth to county governments. Therefore, they do not care whether county governments prosper or not. In fact, all of their efforts are focused on making devolution fail. That is why when they first got into power they appointed a kleptomaniac to be the cabinet secretary for devolution. Unbeaten in their game, she looted funds meant for county governments proper and walked away scot free, wiping her mouth like a harlot and saying in her heart, “I’ve done nothing wrong”. Ironically, she is today a governor in her home county. In as much as this regime rigged its way back into power and is even more determined to destroy the marginalized provinces, there is still hope for county governments.

The 2010 Constitution which brought with it county governments, was Rt. Hon Raila Odinga’s work. He foresaw the Jubilee induced underdevelopment in the marginalized counties we experience today. Even then, the first governors still did not see the bigger picture as some became lapdogs to the government not knowing that they were more powerful than the president himself. Consider the October 26th repeat polls and the four counties which did not vote at all. These counties proved that it was possible to defy a president and do what they felt. It only required a little defiant steadfastness. Without the dreamer, any dream is as good as dead. In the same way, without Odinga devolution is as good as dead. All is not lost yet because Odinga is still alive and is presenting governors from marginalized counties with a lucrative opportunity to develop their counties to unimaginable heights. All they need to do is adopt Odinga’s People’s Assembly agenda, and be just a little defiant to the central government.

Defiance and disobedience are not vices if they give true freedom. Counties like Mombasa, Turkana, and Kisumu have enough resources that grant them leverage to call shots with the national government and so get what is rightfully theirs; enough allocation of funds for development, freedom to partner with international companies and organizations, as well as wise borrowing of loans all for prosperity and growth. Being elected a governor is not an opportunity to loot funds and get oneself rich. For heaven’s sake, these counties are your very homes. If you can’t do it for the people, do it for the pride that comes with having a glowing, and sparkling city just like the Biblical New Jerusalem, all in your name. Do it for the satisfaction that comes with being the boss of a county whose natural resources you’ve utilized to build your provinces and establish an everlasting legacy for yourself.

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