JANUARY 25th, 2018.

The National Super Alliance wishes firstly to re-assure our supporters and all interested parties that the swearing- in is on as scheduled at Uhuru Park on 30th January contrary to disinformation by sections of the media.
We are further notifying our supporters of regional pre-inauguration celebrations as we draw closer to the swearing in of the Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka as President and Deputy President of Kenya, respectively.
The culmination of these pre-inauguration festivities will be at Uhuru Park as more than two-thirds of the country which stands with NASA, convenes to witness the most significant event our citizens have ever organized for themselves to secure their interests, rights, and dignity as a people.
We reiterate that the swearing in is a reclamation of the NASA presidential election victory of August 8th, 2017 which the Supreme Court of Kenya validated by annulling the Uhuru Kenyatta wins. Jubilee then carried out a sham election and a coup on the people of Kenya on October 26th and is now exercising an illegitimate presidency.
We are proceeding with the People’s Assembly process and engaging with those Kenyans who are convinced that electoral justice is imperative for a stable, fair, prosperous and stable nation. We are leading an open, inclusive, transformational, people driven political dialogue, that is determined to ensure every vote counts in Kenya.
We have so far convened People’s Assemblies with the Coastal People, the Western or Mulembe and Ukambani nations each of which have drawn up locally contextual resolutions in preparation for the national convention.
On Saturday 27th January the Luo Nyanza People’s Consultative Forum will be hosted by Homa Bay County.
We wish to salute the Luo Nyanza people for consistently and resolutely standing up against electoral injustice throughout the 50 years of Kenya’s independence. It is still fresh in our minds how Luo Nyanza was profiled, brutalized and innocent lives lost for simply exercising their right to reject dictatorship.
The Luo Nyanza Assembly as with all others will deliberate on how to remake this nation so that it works for all us. We are convinced that this country has no future if we do not agree on how to share power and exercise it responsibly; how to share opportunities equitably and above all how to co-exist peacefully as distinct communities brought together by the cruel fate of colonialism. We shall hold four more assemblies in the coming weeks and have held the People’s National Convention by end of February.
The Luo Nyanza People’s Assembly will further officially launch nationwide pre-inauguration celebrations as we prepare to converge at Uhuru Park to delegate our sovereign will to those leaders we believe we elected on August 8th, 2017.

Thank you.
Issued by People’s Assembly Organising Committee

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