Donald Trump- The Modern Day Sociopath

By The Big Bill,
January 25, 2018,

Trump checking if his latest tweet is wholly insensitive before approving that his PA posts it.
Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is a faux pas in person. He is an embarrassment to every intellectually enlightened American. His unbecoming behavior explains why Ben Carson, world’s top surgeon, no longer speaks publicly about his support for Trump. Anyone who shouts at the top of their voices even in social media professing their support for Trump is either ignorant or his puppets. Trump is juvenile and clumsy. His choice of words depicts a man whose tongue has lost touch with the brain. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Trump were to be found watching Nickelodeon.
However, it is vital that the process of proving that Trump is an accident and a mistake is an objective. The moment US citizens voted in Trump (or should it be said that the moment Russia rigged Trump into the White House?), the country changed drastically from democracy to capitalism. Trump, having been raised a capitalist, and lived a capitalist, does not know what freedom is. He runs the country like his private company and handles everyone else like some cheap profitless merchandise. Countries are communities of people, and these people have feelings, deserve respect, and have dignity, but apparently, Trump has no knowledge of this. In the sober sense, capitalism is efficient economically, but humans need to combine different methodologies to have productivity and humanity simultaneously.
Morality and capitalism are mutually exclusive. It takes a real human being to bring a sense of decency and humanity in capitalism. Human beings are conditioned when they are growing up. Trump, however, seems to have stuck at sixteen and is having hard times maturing up, or is just a sociopath. Besides, most successful businessmen or stable geniuses so to speak, are sociopaths, and Trump is one. There is no way all of the people can be wrong all of the time unless someone is trying to become a celebrity. The mainstream media cannot be fake all the time for even in lies some traces truth can be found.
It is time for pro-Trump Americans to eat the humble pie- Trump is a disgrace and unfit to be president anywhere. You are ashamed of him because even as a president he exhibits the behaviors of attention seeking teenager who also has self-esteem issues. He is a kid who always thinks that his toys are better than those of every other kid.

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