Breaking! Raila Odinga’s Swearing-in Invitation Cards Are Out.

NASA Assumption of office committee

January 24, 2018,

The much-awaited swearing in of the Rt Honorable Raila Odinga as the Peoples President that is just six days away seems to have taken a life of its own as invitation cards to the occasion were issued for the first time this morning, by the assumption of office Committee.

Speaking to the Kenyan Report one of the committee members who is not authorized to speak on behalf of the committee intimated to us that it is all systems go and they are ready to give Kenyans a ceremony like no other, that will usher in a new dawn for Kenya and those who have been marginalized for decades and have been yearning for liberation.

The Committee member further stated that those who died during the struggle for electoral justice did not die in vain, but they are the real heroes of the third and final liberation of Kenya from the york of dictatorship and oppression.

The member who was seemingly exhausted after many sleepless nights put in to ensure that there is no loose ends left was however excited at the turn of events and promised NASA has reached no point of return and that even Raila and Kalonzo have no option, but to be sworn in by the people. He summed it all by stating that, it is doing what is right and the right time and channeled one of France’s ancient leaders, Richelieu who stated, ” Man is immortal, his salvation is hereafter, and the state has no immortality, its salvation is now or never.” The salvation of Kenya is now or never.

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