Valentine Day is coming: More Trouble for the Boy Child.

Valentine Day is coming: More Trouble for the Boy Child.

By Tsiga Mulahi

January 21, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a month away and every retail store is all set and geared up for it. Love is almost in the air, or is it always? Soon everyone is going to be scrambling to find ways to show their undying love and devotion, all efforts laced in red dripping in consumerism Showing love has become so monetized that the average Joe can barely afford it. If you are the proverbial ‘Joe” here are a few simple romantic tips for you.

  1. Create time and watch that Chick flick she’s always wanted to watch.
    2. On Valentines Day make her lunch and drop it to her at work.
    3. Make her a nice babble bath, light some candles and have it ready when she gets back home.
    4. If your girl owns a car, go wash it for her – acts of service especially if she is busy go a long way.
    5. Pay attention and know what she likes to have her things done; how she makes her coffee or tea then make whatever they like whoever they like it!

If you have any tips share them below. Ladies stay tuned for simple romantic things you can do for your guy!


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