By Stanley Otieno

    January 20th, 2018

    Western region of Kenya is beautiful. Fantastic climate, breathtaking terrain and flowing rivers are a landmark of a region that indeed is Canaan. Populated with wonderful communities of Luhyia, Luo Kisii and Kuria the region has all it takes to lead in prosperity.

    Culturally, the Luo should shun the outdated wife inheritance and obsessions with wild lifestyle and careless sexual habits. This has led into an explosion of HIV effects. The Kisii and more so Kuria should reject proponents of FGM with many Kuria households still extremely very poor. The Luhyia likewise must reject negative feelings of inferiority complex leading many to low grade jobs of maids and watchmen in major towns and shamba boys in many farms.

    Historically, the region received good education early enough and thereafter contributed brilliant brains that formed the foundation of this country and shaped her destiny. Names like martin Shikuku, Mukhisa Kituyi, Jaramogi, Mboya, Ouko, Raila, Orengo, PLO Lumumba, Anyona, and Asiyo among others will never fade.

    To begin with, all stakeholders should take farming seriously and to the commercial levels, as other regions in Kenya. We surely do not have a contract to supply the red sea with water from this region. Irrigation must be given priority, sugarcane and cotton must be revamped immediately.

    With many trees and thickets, tourism could thrive in many places. The Kakamega Forest and Kisumu’s Impala must be revamped and expanded. Kisumu Airport can receive tourists from all parts of the world to boost tourism.

    Just like Nairobi is fed by the food from central and other Mt. Kenya regions, major towns and regions of western Kenya like Kakamega/Kisumu/Kisii, should be fed by food grown locally and thus offering markets to farmers.

    Certainly, brilliant brains of Obama, Kituyi together with sportsmen like Wanyama, Olunga as well as actors like Bukeko, Wilbroda, Eric Omondi and Lupita Nyong’o, are classical examples of success originally from Western part of Kenya.

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