JANUARY 18, 2018


The National Super Alliance wishes to make the following pronouncements with regard to the much-anticipated swearing in of its leaders Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and H.E Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as the duly elected President and Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya respectively.

First, we wish to assure our supporters and all interested parties that the swearing- in is on as announced earlier and all arrangements are in place to make it the most significant event our citizens have ever organized for themselves to secure their interests, rights and dignity as a people.

The swearing in is a reclamation of the NASA presidential election victory of August 8th, 2017 which the Supreme Court of Kenya validated by annulling the Uhuru Kenyatta victory. Jubilee then carried out a sham election and a coup on the people of Kenya on October 26th and is now exercising an illegitimate presidency. The swearing in will reclaim NASA’s victory and return power to the people.

We advise our people to reject and ignore the plain lies and half -truths being peddled by sections of the media and the political class that the swearing in of Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga and H.E Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is a bargaining chip for dialogue.

As we have stated severally, our nation is now deeply divided between two irreconcilable political values, namely authoritarian rule and democracy. It is important to talk about why we have this divide and how we can bridge it.

It remains our position that in these circumstances, Kenya will not stand for long. The way out is for the country to embark on an urgent, honest and far-reaching conversation sooner rather than later.

Having conducted a coup against citizens through a fraudulent election on October 26th, which was boycotted by at least two-thirds of Kenyans, Jubilee is now unable to form a government. Rather than address this failure which is caused by internal greed, power grab and rent-seeking, Jubilee is spreading misinformation that somehow, it is failing to form government because NASA wants a share.

We are not interested. We have made it clear that we do not recognize this regime and we are not prepared to help it out of its own mess.

NASA is not holding its breath for dialogue with Jubilee much as we believe the country needs it. As we have said, the swearing -in is on as a means to an end. We are proceeding with our People’s Assembly process.

More than two-thirds of the country stands with NASA on this agenda. We are proceeding with the people who believe that electoral justice is key for a stable, fair, prosperous and stable nation. We are determined to ensure that every vote counts in Kenya.

If and when Jubilee leadership sees the need for the country to interrogate its systems and institutions through a national conversation, it is welcome to join our People’s Assembly process. NASA is not interested in boardroom deals. We are leading an open, inclusive transformational political dialogue.

Tomorrow, Friday 19th, we proceed to Machakos for the Ukambani People’s Consultative Forum. In the People’s Assembly, we are deliberating on how to remake this nation so that it works for all us. For it to do so, we must agree on how to share power and exercise it responsibly; how to share opportunities equitably and above all how to co-exist peacefully as distinct communities brought together by the cruel fate of colonialism. This is the conversation we believe we must have to become the nation that has eluded us for half a century. Everyone who thinks that this conversation is important is welcome.

Thank you.

Issued by People’s Assembly Organizing Committee


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