By Musyimi Paul Musyimi

January 15, 2018

Governor Sonko is a man in a hurry. Like he has said, he will not be running for Second-term as Nairobi Governor. That can mean only three things, either he will be retiring from politics (which is implausible), assured of Deputy President Post or will be running for President (Or MCA seat, as he likes to joke).

But whatever option he has in mind, Nairobi Governorship is key to Sonko’s political destiny. Sonko has both to deliver and be seen to deliver by Nairobi Residents and Kenyans of all walks.

This brings us to the issue of Sonko’s Deputy Governor. Igathe’s resignation is a gift from God because at the end of the day, Sonko’s detractors would have said Sonko would not have done it without Igathe.

If Sonko is to seal his reputation as a political legend, he has to out-deliver all expectations as Sonko, not as Sonko being assisted by a know-it-all Deputy Governor like Igathe.

What Sonko needs is a Deputy Governor who is loyal and like him is loved by people but is not necessarily an egomaniac who thinks he is coming to save a sinking ship or teach Sonko how to deliver on his mandate.

Nairobi Residents elected Sonko, not Igathe or the next Deputy Governor, because they are tired of technocrats full of credentials but little empathy and zero delivery. If what Nairobi Residents wanted to lead them from County Hall was a technocrat, Kidero would be now serving his second-term.

Sonko needs a Deputy Governor who enhances his brand as a people’s person who has no time for too much technicalities and management theories. And that is what makes Karen Nyamu the perfect candidate for the next Deputy Governor of Nairobi.

She is loved by Nairobi Residents because, like Sonko, she has a big heart and is willing to learn and make a difference where it matters. Governor Sonko and Deputy Governor Karen Nyamu will either fail or succeed beyond the wildest dreams and seal their places in history as leaders who focused on doing what the people wanted rather than what cartels and their minions think is best to keep them bleeding the city and its residents.

Nothing will secure Governor Sonko’s legacy than taking a fellow people’s servant (rather than another heartless technocrat like Igathe) and going on to over deliver for Nairobi Residents.

What the sun needs to rule for 24 Hours is not another sun to compete with it at night, but a moon that is ready to reflect the light of the sun when it is away for the night. Hon Karen Nyamu is the moon the city in the sun needs for Deputy Governor, now!


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