Frank and Terry Odhiambo -Kenyan Parents of the Swedish Kid in H&M Controversy appeal for Privacy and worry  the impact the issue will have on the  their sons future.

By Kenyan Report Correspondent

January 15, 2018

Frank Odhiambo and Terry Mango, parents of the young Swedish boy Liam who was involved in a controversial and racial advert promoting H &M hoodie have expressed fear of their lives and that of the young son.

Speaking to the daily mail, the parents have revealed that life hasn’t been the same since the controversy began.

The mother of the son, Terry has been condemned for saying that people need to move on and that she wasn’t offended by the advert.

Several international stars have expressed outrage at H&M prompting it to remove the ad from the websites worldwide. P.Diddy, Lebron James and weekend are some of the many celebrities expressing dismay.


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