How Uhuru’s desire to safeguard his legacy conflicts with Ruto’s 2022 presidential election master plan. Will the marriage of convenience survive?


Kenyan Report Correspondent

January 11, 2018

The announcement of the partial cabinet positions by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week revealed cracks within the ruling Jubilee  party that were unbeknown to majority of Kenyans.

In the lineup, a few new members of the cabinet have been nominated, other retained while several others dropped in what has been a shocker to some.

Perhaps more shocking was the absence of Deputy President William Ruto when the announcements were made. Unlike 2013 when the duo announced their cabinet picks with a lot of fanfare, such was not the case.

It has come to be known that DP Rutos preferred line up was ignored by the president during his cabinet picks. The Deputy President had intended to strategically position cabinet members across Kenya who will be his point men in various regions as he lays his ground work for 2022.

However, considering that this is President Uhuru’s last term, his advisors are more concerned in securing his legacy than worrying about 2022 elections. The president has gone further to outline is four point plan that he intends to implement to turn things around. To do these, he is rather focused on performance and loyalty.

The conflict between president Uhuru’s agenda that will shape his legacy and Rutos 2022 election master plan will surely drive a wedge between the two competing interests. This is quite different compared to 2013 when they shared a common agenda.

During that time,they came together to defeat and challenge their cases in ICC by threatening to pull Kenya out of the organization together with other African nations.A plan that they successfully executed.Now that these cases are over and having been controversially reelected,their desire to feign unity is evidently spilling into the public fora .

Uhuru Kenyatta is a political student of Daniel Arap Moi, his loyalty to the former president comes before his loyalty to William Ruto. DP Rutos differences with Gideon Moi and their political rivalry will surely be a major factor that will shape the  politics of 2018 and beyond ahead of 2022.

Given the deteriorating economic conditions, high unemployment rate, high cost of living, poor healthcare, a divided nation amongst many other challenges facing the Uhuru Kenyatta presidency, there’s no doubt that 2022 election is the last thing in his mind and his close confidants have openly said so.

William Ruto will find himself between a rock and a hard place. Between his ego, his ambition and his loyalty to support President Kenyatta’s agenda while at the same time keeping his hopes of running for presidency alive. One of those three will have to suffer.

Moments of political suspense lie ahead and it’s going to be as intriguing as it comes.










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