Bali Bound Qatar Airways Flight Forced To Land As Wife Discovers Husbands Affair Midair

The Editor.

January 4, 2018,

There was drama in a Qatar Airways flight headed to Bali, Indonesia as a couple who were headed for a vacation in Bali together with their child caused a commotion midair—this was occasioned the wife discovering her husband’s infidelity. The woman who is said to be an Iranian national had used her sleeping husband’s thumb to access the phone and discovered her extramarital affair and could not hold back.

The woman is said to have repeatedly hit the husband and the flight attendants could not restore order, the flight captain had no option, but to make an unscheduled landing in Chennai, India where the couple and their child were taken to detention as they did not have an Indian visa. The family was later put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

The Times of India reported that the Iranian woman made such a commotion that the plane had no other choice, but to make an abrupt landing in India. The family, later on, left for Malaysia through a batik Air flight.

QatarAirways declined to comment in order to protect their passengers’ privacy. Whoever said women run the world knew what they were talking about.

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