Marijuana Legalization projected to bring Ksh.700 billion in California in 2018: Legalization sparks increase in government hiring. It’s time for Kenya to Legalize Marijuana.

By Kenyan Report Correspondent

January,1st 2018

The state of California became the 8th state in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana. There are 21 other states that have some form of legalized marijuana. A number of other states have lined up bills to legalize marijuana during 2018.

Marijuana legalization is projected to bring about 7 billion dollars in revenue each year to the State coffers. That’s close to 700 billion Kenyan shillings.

States can pass laws to legalize marijuana but its possession and use remains a federal offence. Meaning that crossing to other States with marijuana is a federal offence. Additionally, employers are bound by federal laws ad hence, they have the right to enforce no drug policy at work.

The marijuana legalization has seen an increase in the hiring of staff at the bureau of cannabis Control, manufacturers, truck drivers, farmers and staff that issue a sellers licenses.

All retailers in California have stocked enough supply to avoid running out. Marijuana ran out of stock in Las Vegas and Colorado following legalization in both states

Following this legalization, it’s expected that rampant arrests of minorities for charges of Marijuana possession will drop. Legalization will also generate significant revenue for the State of California.

It remains to be seen which other states will follow suit. Seems like slowly but surely, the decision to get high is mutual across the United States.

In Colorado, cookies, cakes, drinks and other products infused with marijuana as sold in almost every store. One does not need to smoke to get high. A cookie bite is enough to give one a buzz, interesting days lie ahead.








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