What Iranian Protesters and Kenyan protester have in common; Dictatorship: American and Israel governments’ contradiction with Trump and Netanyahu’s support of Iranian Protesters while silent with Kenyan Protesters.

Kenyan Report Correspondent

January 2, 2018

Iranian protesters went to the Streets protest against worsening economic conditions in Iran under the dictatorship of Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Iran has been heavily involved in regional conflicts in Syria and Iraq amid deteriorating economic conditions at home. Rising unemployment and poor economic conditions has made life hard for ordinary Iranians. Similar conditions exist in Kenya and is one of the major reasons Kenyan are agitating for change.

Iranian authorities have shut down social media platforms including telegram to curtail the protests. Kenyan government authorities threatened to shut down social media last year amid rising political tensions. However, they didn’t not implement their threats. Its common practice in dictatorship regimes like North Korea and Iran including china to shut down the internet in the face of anti-government protests.

The contradiction of the United States and Israel governments is quite evident and alarming with their direct support of the Iranian protesters while they two governments supported Jubilee leadership in Kenya while ignoring the plight of the Kenyan protesters killed by excessive police brutality.

President Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were silent when the Kenyan police used excessive force including live bullets against innocent protesters that saw many killed and hundreds others injured.

Kenyan protesters have one or two things to learn from their Iranian counterparts. The need to change tactic is of essence if they plan to succeed.







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