Uhuru has committed innumerable crimes apart from stealing two elections

By Salim Lone

December 31, 2017

Uhuru has committed innumerable crimes apart from stealing two elections. There is vast opposition to him and now is the time to leverage that to end impunity and injustice. If we do not do so now this opportunity will dissipate and Uhuru and his crony elites will run roughshod over us for decades. We can forget about elections and democracy. He cannot be trusted.

The next steps –

Whatever path we choose to restore democracy and a new election which we can be sure will be fair, we should try to avoid violence. Thousands or tens of thousands could be killed. And an even more entrenched despotism would take hold. Moi and the post 1982 coup brutality that followed is an example.

The path to securing our goal must be massive, long term disobedience that will paralyze the state and profoundly disrupt the economy. Uhuru’s tycoons and his international backers will not tolerate that.

Swearing-in would energize the NASA base even more. Raila believes what I have written here. It’s self-evident. Having said all that, let me now disagree with those who are condemning Raila. Raila is not infallible nor are Kalonzo Musalia and Weta. But Raila knows much more than I do and while I do convey my candid opinions to him I never insist that he follow them.

NASA followers should continue to air their views passionately as you are doing now. Such views help Raila make important decisions. But as I said before please do not cross the line, and begin believing that you are the best judge of what he should do and condemn him for not doing your bidding. That will destroy everything. However I can understand that a time will come where we, and I, might disagree with him strongly and give up on him and seek an alternative path. That time has not come.

Keep one single thing in mind. Kalonzo’s public position on swearing-in has made Raila stronger. Perceptions are a critical part of politics. If Raila had moved precipitously before Kalonzo spoke, it would have been premature to swear in.

Finally – The best to all of us and to Kenya for 2018.


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