Why everyone wants a piece of Musalia Mudavadi in their 2022 political Puzzle

By Al Musasia

December 31, 2017

When it comes to politics of betrayal and name calling, as the American would say “been there,done that”, Musalia Mudavadi has been there and done that. He was labeled “Madimoni” in the run up to 2013 elections after Uhuru Kenyatta said “the devil led him to sign an MOU with Mudavadi”.

The MOU agreement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Musalia Mudavadi would have seen Mudavadi team with Uhuru Kenyatta ,with Hon. Mudavadi as the presidential candidate. Instead, Uhuru Kenyatta decided to team up with William Ruto. The Uhuru/Ruto alliance won the presidency and formed the government.That must have been the hallmark of Mudavadi’s political betrayals.Later, Hon. Mudavadi formed the Amani Coalition and  ran for presidency on a UDF party coming a distant third.

During the 2017 general elections, Hon. Mudavadi was hailed as the brain child behind the NASA coalition. The new coalition brought together the CORD coalition and the ANC party.CORD coalition was composed of ODM,Ford Kenya and Wiper affiliate parties.

Following the 2017 disputed elections,Hon. Mudavadi has been a target of endless jubilee emissaries trying to weaken the NASA coalition. That’s Probably  due to his perceived softness or due to his immense influence across Kenya’s political spectrum.

With eyes now focused on the 2022 elections,Mt. Kenya strategists have been busy trying to find a combination that will protect their interests. In their political calculations,Hon. Mudavadi’s non-combative style combined with his growing influence beyond his Luhyia political base is such an attractive combo.

However, having been in this position before, Mudavadi knows well that the will of Kenyans is beyond such selfish gains. He has resisted any attempts to lure him to Jubilees trap. Additionally,he understands that going to elections in 2022 without electoral justice and reforms will be an effort in futility.

Hon. Mudavadi’s resilience and exemplary political bravado has won him many admirers and enemies in equal measure.However, he will need to tread carefully in Kenya’s murky political waters.

Deputy President William Ruto has his eyes focused on dividing the Luhyia nation and finding an alternative political axis in western kenya to counter Hon. Mudavadi’s influence ahead of 2022.The emerging political axis comprises of  Hon.John waluke, Hon. Ababu Namwamba, Hon.Kenneth Marende, Hon.Moses Akaranga, Hon. Benjamin Washiali, Hon.Kenneth Lusaka,Hon.Eugene Wamalwa  and Hon. Ayub Savula  among others.

It’s imperative for Hon. Mudavadi to increasingly be cognizant of Ruto’s projects as the race to 2022 shapes up.The recent heckling and booing of Hon.Eugene Wamalwa falls directly into Mudavadi’s political detractor’s game plan. His faith will be questioned and his resolve to pursue electoral justice tested. Unfortunately, this will happen both in Jubilee and in NASA.

A political  alliance between Hon. Mudavadi and Hon.Gideon Moi sounds appealing to many.This continues to be the talk in private forums. However, a day in politics in such a long time. Hon. Mudavadi understands that very well. He has been very measured in his response and approach to issues of national concern.

Given the current political stalemate,the desire of majority of Kenyans is to achieve electoral justice and reforms in order to avoid a repeat of the August 8th and October 26th,2017 electoral fraud that declared Uhuru Kenyatta president in both occasions.

Hon. Mudavadi will need to stand firm and work with Hon. Raila Odinga to bring the much needed reforms in Kenya.

The future of Kenya depends on working institutions. For Kenya to move forward, all stake holders must be willing to sacrifice their selfish interests for the sake of the country.






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