President Uhuru’s Tweet congratulating President George Weah, the newly elected Liberian president backfires.

Kenyan Report Correspondent


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s congratulatory message to Liberia’s new president, His Excellency George Opong Weah has attracted interesting responses on tweeter.

In his tweet, President Kenyatta Says “President-elect Weah’s victory is a triumph of democracy. Kenya will stand with Liberia, for we believe that Pan-African cooperation will win every African the prosperity and freedom they deserve. I look forward to working with President Weah in the service of those ideals”.

This remarks coming from a president still battling legimacy questions following a highly contested election once nullified by Kenya’s Supreme Court is a sure insult to Kenyans who still haven’t accepted and moved on based on the results of the August 8 elections.

If the president wants to know how divided and deep the current political differences are; he doesn’t have to go far, his twitter handles will clearly give him an understanding of the grave political situation that needs his urgent attention.

One of his twitter followers ,Alex Mulwa wrote “ Stop insulting that word.democracy my foot .democracy is when u will step down and give majority of kenyans the right to swear in their president.and to remind you not’ kenya ‘will stand with buh ‘u’ alone”.

However, the president had the support of a few supporters with one going by the name Dan writing “That’s my President talking . Wenye wanaongea mbaya watafute kenya yao”

The August 8th 2017 elections have left Kenya at a standstill. While the president is in order for congratulating President George Weah of Liberia, he continues to ignore deep divisions the country faces. The state of the Kenyan democracy has been impaired and his administration continues to stand in the way of meaningful democracy.





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