Firestorm as it emerges that the US Government spent $100,000 to allegedly teach Kenyan Farmers how to use facebook

By Jectone Oyoo,

December 24, 2017,

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul yeaterday spark controversy when he sent out a series of tweets about US Government wastage of resources in assistance to foreign governments. In what he fashioned as his #Festivus edition of the Waste Report, that totals to $563,421,523 the federal government wasted. The Junior Senator for kentucky went ahead to reveal that the US government spent $100,000 to teach Kenyan farmers how to use facebook. This drew alot of ire from Americans many of them who pointed out accurately that it was a misplaced priority as most kenyans don’t have access to clean water and yet that huge amount of money was spent to train them on how to use facebook.

Kenyans on twitter also did not take this crap lying down—One Kenyan who was not amused by this scandal remarked that kenyans have clean water and Americans should worry about Flint, Michigan and that as for the $100,000 spent on facebook training kenyans did not see it and as such they should  ask their own government for the details. Some americans also suggested that the money should have been used to put their homeless off the streets.

It should be noted, however that the Republicans and  Sen. Rand Paul being one of them believe in reduced government spending or small government as the centerpiece of their conservative ideology. Rand Paul had in 2016 suggested a change in course in the conduct of USA foreign policy by withdrawing from the world stage and isntead investing at home in their schools, hospitals, roads etc. The Demcrats, however have a liberal agenda that is always supporting foreign aid assistance as away to project the US soft power across the globe.

The big question that everyone seems to be missing is whether the money was given to the kenyan authorities and it did’nt trickle down to the target group or if it was squandered by the US agencies that administers the fund.



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