10 things you need to know about the Next South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa


By Al Musasia –

10 things you need to know about the Next South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa

  1. Poised to be the Next president of South Africa, succeeding Jacob Zuma. Currently, he is the Deputy President of South Africa.
  2. Picked by Kofi Anan to be the lead mediator in 2007 post-election violence and transition government negotiations in Kenya, he was forced to withdraw after the PNU side of the negotiations team rejected him for his close ties with Hon. Raila Odinga.
  3. He Married to Dr.Tsepo Motsepe, a medical doctor by profession
  4. His brother in law is Patrice Motsepe, Africa’s first black billionaire ($1.81 Billion –African Rainbow Minerals)
  5. He has four children all with Dr.Tsepo Motsepe, a clear contrast to Jacob Zuma who has 15 children from 5 different marriages.
  6. His net worth is $675M – Making him one of the richest people in the African continent.
  7. He was the president of the most powerful Trade union in South Africa –The National Union of mine workers
  8. He was the preferred choice for future president by Nelson Mandela, his presidential bid was thwarted following defeat by Thabo Mbeki and later by Jacob Zuma
  9. In 1974 as a university student, he was involved in student activism that led him to prison. He was sentenced for 11 months in solitary confinement.
  10. In 2011, he acquired a master license to run McDonalds franchises in South Africa for 20 years. Meaning that anyone who wanted to operate a McDonald franchise in South Africa had to get a license from him.



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