Legitimacy War Rages as President Uhuru Kenyatta pens an Op-Ed in The Washington Times—Pleading a case for a strong and credible Opposition

By Jectone Oyoo,

December 20, 2017,

President Uhuru Kenyatta seems to clearly understand the difference between legality and legitimacy, the president in an opinion piece published in The Washington Times on December 18, 2017, took a strong case for a strong and credible opposition in Kenya—citing failures by the opposition to play their critical role of holding the government accountable for performance and on the use of public money. The president argued for what he believes is the solution to the problems facing Kenya.

Despite the fact that the president has been posturing to his base in regards to how he will deal with the opposition leadership, he seems to strike a diplomatic tone albeit firm enough. The president extoled the achievements of his government mainly claiming that he were laying the foundation for success. He, however decried the tumultuous times Kenya has undergone during the four month long electioneering period that also saw his reelection annulled by the Supreme Court.

President Kenyatta also gave prominence to the role played by Kenya in tackling Islamic extremists groups like the Al-Shabaab— Security and Foreign Policy Pundits would agree this is strategically included to make the USA and western powers buy-in to his arguments. The president also took issue with peoples assemblies supported by Raila and stated that this creation of Odinga cannot be a substitute for parliament.

The Op-Ed sounded like it was closing the door on any meaningful dialogue, something that many peace lovers have been hoping for. The president instead touted his majorities in Parliament and Senate.

He stated that ‘’Fortunately, I am a great optimist. As I start my second— and final— term as president, I believe we bear witness to the last days of Kenya’s long history of wasteful political indulgence.’’


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