REVEALED: Raila to be sworn-in early next year-NASA’s Statement

The National Super Alliance-Nasa has announced that it will resume its plans to swear-in leader Raila Odinga as the president of the People’s Republic of Kenya.

On Thursday December 14, 2017, the coalition said that the inauguration conference of the People’s Assembly will take place early 2018, which will then be proceeded by a series of regional consultative forums across the country.

“Following the postponement of the launch of the People’s Assembly that was to take place on Jamhuri Day, Tuesday 12th December, the Organizing Committee wishes to announce the resumption of the People’s Assembly process, said a statement from the committee which was posted on the NASA official statement.

The planned meetings is believed to involve leaders from grassroots levels across the country to deliberate on national governance.

According to the statement, the first consultative meeting will be held on Sunday 17th December by the coastal region.

The opposition aborted the planned inauguration of the former prime minister swearing in on Sunday December 10th, 2017. The event was to take place on Jamhuri Day. “We are aware that this will be a disappointment to the people of Kenya who were eagerly waiting for this occasion. We wish to assure them that our resolve has not changed,” read a statement from the party then.

The statement also read in part that: “We wish to thank the government and people of Mombasa County who had graciously offered to host the event. Thank you very much Mombasa…we shall be announcing new dates of bot the swearing ceremony and the launch of the People’s Assembly as well as a more vigorous and prolonged resistance in the coming days.”

And true to their words, the postponement of the events angered millions of their supporters who subsequently accused the party’s leadership of cowardice and lack of momentum.

These developments come against a tough talking Uhuru Kenyatta who promised stern actions against secession and dissents. “Everything must be done within the constitutional order. Those who wish to operate outside that order can expect nothing else than to be dealt with firmly. We shall not entertain any language, we shall not entertain any action that either threatens territorial integrity of our nation or threatens our life,” he said.

Secession has been a hot topic among the opposition and Nasa’s chief strategist David Ndii is seen as the key proponent. He was arrested by the police last week and arraigned in court for incitement. He was later released as no evidence was found against him.

Peter Kaluma, the Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament and a key legal advisor within the Nasa’s ranks drafted a Bill seeking secession of seven among 47 counties in Kenya to form the People’s Republic of Kenya.



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