NASA secretariat to meet this weekend for strategy after the aborted inauguration of Mr. Odinga

December 14, 2017

The National Super Alliance is plotting a vigorous fightback to defuse fury brought about by the aborted inauguration of its leader Mr. Raila Odinga.

It was just a postponement. We are not giving up on our fight. Our faith is just intact and we are rejuvenating and we will come back stronger. The swearing-in is still on course, read a source from the coalition.

The postponement was an anti-climax for the opposition supporter after the much anticipated swearing-in of Mr. Odinga on December 12. The lack of coherent communication from the coalition on the issue has further complicated the matter raising a cloud of doubt.

The opposition has been under wrath of its supporters due to lack of strategy and conflicting communications. They further blasted Mr. Odinga for being a coward, and it is not yet clear which message opposition will communicate next to its supporters.

Mr. Odinga was to be sworn-in in in Mombasa as the People’s President and launch the People’s Assembly Republic.

It is believed that NASA is set to unveil a plan that includes reaching out to supporters countrywide and restore their faith in the coalition. This comes after a fear of mass disaffection from the party’s supporter and lack of momentum from party’s leadership.

The Kenyan Report learned that NASA will form special working committees to sweet talk MCAs and legislators across the country and hold rallies to restore faith in their movement and explain a way forward.

The government threatened Mr. Odinga with treason had he gone ahead with the planned inauguration. He backed off, and the plan is now to gather momentum and resist President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee administration. The planned meeting over the weekend will firm up on this and strategize the way forward. It will be the first meeting to be attended by Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka in as many weeks.

Mr.Kalonzo had been in Germany to attend to his ailing wife and it is believed he was the reason behind postponement of Odinga’s inauguration.

NASA is planning to have at least 20 Counties pass the People’s Assembly motion that will set stage to delegitimize Uhuru’s presidency. The coalition has continuously insisted that it does not recognize Jubilee administration despite the fact that Kenyatta took oath of office on November 28, 2017 to start his second term.

Last week, Mandera County shocked many people when the ruling party MCAs passed the People’s Assembly motion. Mandera is headed by Jubilee’s governor Ali Roba.

NASA hopes to give their millions of supporters a clear picture of the way forward after admitting the aborted inauguration crushed the anger of their followers.

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