Wiper, ANC parties support Odinga’s swearing in

December 9, 2017

Wiper Party, an affiliate party of the National Super Social Alliance have affirmed their support for the swearing of NASA’s leader Mr. Raila Odinga and his deputy Mr. Kalonzo Msyoka.

The Musyoka led party announced through its secretariat that they are in full support of Mr. Odinga’s swearing in that is scheduled for Tuesday (December 12). The same day Kenyans will be celebrating Jamhuri Day, marking 54 years after Kenya achieved self-rule from Britain.

Wiper says that presidency is a joint venture and Mr. Kalonzo is an assistant to Mr. Odinga, as such he will be sworn in alongside him.

Mr. Kalonzo has however been away from the country for several days as he headed to attend to his ailing wife, Pauline who is believed to be in a hospital in Germany. His party affirmed commitment to ensure that Musyoka is sworn in as the deputy to the People’s Assembly President, whether he will be in Kenya or not.

It is not yet known where the planned event will take place. However, last week letters were leaked which showed that the Nasa Secretariat had written to 11 Counties which are considered the party’s stronghold to request for preparations for the planned event. Mr. John Mbadi, ODM chairman dismissed the allegations as propaganda being peddled by Jubilee Administration.

The Kenyan Report has learned that the coalition will announce the venue of the proposed swearing in on Sunday, December 10. Sources also indicate the Mr. Odinga might be sworn outside the country, and we are keeping vigil to ascertain the case and we will give real-time updates on the development.

Another Nasa affiliate, Amani National Congress party has affirmed their support for the event. ANC, which is led by Mr. Musalia Mudavadi earlier today indicated that it will exercise its power within the law to fully support the swearing in of Mr. Odinga.

The party announced their support after a consultative meeting with its leaders in Gilgil. Mr. Mudavadi mirrored Odinga’s earlier statement saying that ANC does not recognize the presidency of Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto. The two were inaugurated on Tuesday, November 28, by the deputy Chief Justice who led the Supreme Court to annul their first win, and later upheld their second victory by dismissing two petitions against Mr. Uhuru.

Mudavadi says the affairs of the country cannot be run by two egocentric individuals. The sovereign power belongs to the people, and the decision on who leads lies with the people. He castigated the electoral agency-IEBC for being used by certain people to manipulate election results in their favour, something which the party vows to fight.

On Thursday, December 6, the Attorney General Githu Muigai warned Raila against being sworn in terming the move treasonable and punishable by law.



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