ADEN DUALE: Power,money and love as by products of political sycophancy.


 Kenyan Report Correspondent

December 9, 2017

 When Kenya cease to exist as a republic due to the push, pull and shove of the politics, one person will standout in history. Aden Duale, the current majority leader in the National Assembly. Kenya – the country that has been a beacon of hope, an oasis of peace and prosperity, today slowly and steadily grinds to destruction and despair.


Aden Duale, a Kenyan of Somali community together with Kipchumba Murkomen, Kimani Ichungwa, Kanini Kega, Florence Kajuju, Ferdinand Waititu, Moses Kuria and Mike Sonko lead the political hardliners organization of Jubilee party that throws hard tackles to the opposition. This they do, repeatedly with sheer disregard to the common cohesion threads that binds Kenya.


Aden Duale had a brilliant education – degrees from Nairobi and JKUAT University and currently a wealthy businessman. He served in the coalition government courtesy of Raila’s side of the coalition ODM between 2008 to 2013; as livestock assistant Minister. Today, he prides in tight political jabs and humiliating his political mentor – The right honourable Raila Odinga in many Jubilee functions and political talk shows.


A Politician with five thousand votes as a mandate for his Garrisa Town seat cannot compare to a national and an international figure personality of the former premier. Raila had over 6 million disputed August votes as well as managing to seal over 62 percent of Kenyans to ignore the second presidential ballot.


With a government with no outright political outlook, and a nation deeply divided ethnically from the recent polls. Duale and his colleagues should give the country peace and fresh breath.


His failing to rally the government of the day to provide security to his people fight for equity and justice for the marginalised communities of North Eastern region but constantly blaming Raila for his failures is a cause of worry. Today from his region, insecurity reign, cattle die due to drought; Alshabab has infiltrated the porous boarders while women still suffer from the banned F.G.M.


From the sad story of one – Nicholas Biwott, Duale should understand that self destruction, disease and death await even the most powerful of this world. Arrogance is nothing before God.

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