Orengo to Uhuru: Wake up from slumber, Odinga’s swearing-in is a reality

    Siaya Senator and Senior Counsel James Orengo has made a statement regarding the constitutionality of Nasa’s chief and opposition leader Raila Odinga planned swearing in next.

    The veteran politician says that Mr. Odinga’s planned inauguration is anchored in the law despite the Supreme Court and the Judiciary remaining tight-lipped over the issue.

    Orengo says that he shall reveal Constitution provision during oath taking.

    The planned swearing in is poised to bring tension and political impasse barely days after President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in at Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi.
    Orengo is a renowned legal mind and a smart lawyer whose comments cannot be swept under the carpet but taken keenly. He was the senior counsel in Raila’s petition against Uhuru’s win on August 8 and was believed to be a key player that swayed the Supreme Court judges to invalidate Uhuru’s win due to his well-executed application.

    Coincidentally, Attorney General Githu Muigai earlier today dismissed the plans adding that they amount to treason.

    “Any individual who takes the oath of allegiance that otherwise is not recognized by the constitution will be charged with treason,” he told the Kenyan Report.
    The AG is a chief advisor the government and Orengo have challenged him to read the law keenly and not to interpret it in his own fashioned way, just to justify some intentions.

    “There is a special provision in the law on national governance which some of my learned friends seem not to understand,” he said Orengo in a social media post.
    He further added: “I will not specifically tell you where in the law, the swearing in of Raila is anchored. I will drop it as a bombshell during the material day and Uhuru Kenyatta should be prepared.”

    It is alleged that the opposition has dispatched letters to 11 county governments in preparation for the planned event.

    But the US is against Odinga’s swearing-in saying that such a move will further polarize the country and even create more chaos.

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