Constitution my foot! Raila tells of the US and other western envoys

By Samuel Ndalusia

December 7th, 2017

The National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition leader Raila Odinga has told off the western envoys and in particular the United States for interfering with Kenya’s affairs while ignoring the lawlessness displayed by the Kenya’s trigger-happy police force especially while dealing with the opposition coalition supporters. Raila reaffirmed the opposition coalition’s resolve to never ever recognise Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of Kenya.

“We don’t recognise the swearing-in that took place because it was based on an election that we also don’t recognize….. We will go by the results of August 8 elections in which Kenyans expressed their will,” stated the Kenya’s opposition coalition chief.

The former Kenyan Premier was speaking at the City Mortuary in Nairobi on Thursday, December 7, where NASA leaders had joined with the families of 16 deceased victims of alleged police brutality to offer their condolences.

“Kenyan problems will be solved by the Kenyan people. Our friends can give us advice, give those advices in private. Do not come and shout at us and tell us we are going to violate the constitution. Which constitution? My foot!” exclaimed Raila angrily, adding that: “I will not be intimidated….We as Kenyans, we will resolve our problems as Kenyans. The will of the Kenyan people is not going to be stopped. We will move and do what is right for the people of Kenya.”

The United States government had reportedly requested the opposition coalition leader to abandon his planned swearing in ceremony due for December 12 and instead pursue the much sought after reforms within the confines of the Kenyan constitution.

“The United States urges Opposition leaders to work within Kenya’s laws to pursue the reforms they seek and to avoid extra constitutional actions such as the proposed ‘inauguration ceremony’ on December 12. We again call for an immediate, sustained, open and transparent national conversation involving all Kenyans,” read part of the statement by the US embassy in Nairobi.

Salim Lone, the NASA coalition leader’s Advisor responded to the US Embassy statement reiterating that the swearing-in was essential in providing Kenyans with hope for electoral justice that had been denied to them by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Mr Lone reiterated that the inauguration ceremony for the former premier of the country was still on course.

“Mr Odinga’s swearing will be lawful. It will help prevent further polarization by giving Kenyans hope for electoral justice that was denied them, under a genuinely independent IEBC. It will also give new impetus for the People’s Assembly to guide county assemblies in urgently addressing a number of pressing economic and justice issues that will provide material benefits to our people,” read part of Salim Lone’s statement to the newsrooms.

The US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto had met the opposition leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday December 5 to urge him for a dialogue with President Kenyatta. Mr Donald Yanamoto also wrote to the NASA Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya requesting him to drop the hard line stance against President Uhuru’s presidency and pave way for negotiations.

“…..It is however time you drop your hard line stance against the current government to pave way for a meaningful engagement between HE Uhuru Kenyatta and the Rt. Hon Raila Odinga. Your radical position of insistence that Hon Odinga must be sworn in on 12th December may jeopardize the peace and stability in the country and possibly plunge the nation into violence…..” read part of the letter by Mr Donald Yamamoto to the NASA CEO Norman Magaya.

Mr Odinga also expressed disappointment with the western envoys for not talking about the police brutality that claimed the lives of over 215 Kenyans who died in the course of post polls violent protests after the August 8 and October 26 polls.

“We thought we had friends but we were wrong. Now we know they are enemies. Up to today, not a single envoy or ambassador in the country has raised their voice to condemn the killing of people by police,” confirmed a bitter Raila, adding that, “Western countries should, therefore, keep off the affairs of the country as Kenyan problems will only be solved by Kenyans themselves.”

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