NASA’s letter that spells trouble for Uhuru’s Cabinet

    The National Super Alliance (NASA) has written to the speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi over President Uhuru Kenyatta’s impending cabinet appointments.

    The letter that was penned down by John Mbadi, who is the ODM chairman and the Leader of the minority party at the National Assembly, the opposition sought to disassociate itself from the vetting of new cabinet nominees that President Uhuru is set to unveil. He cites that the opposition does not recognize Uhuru’s presidency.

    NASA blasted the repeat presidential elections on October 26 for being unconstitutional due to electoral unpreparedness and injustices.

    President Uhuru is set to unveil his new Cabinet this December before the National Assembly breaks off for its annual recess for the Christmas holiday.

    Uhuru last week asked his cabinet secretaries to prepare handover reports. However, Mr. Mbadi has said that the office of the appointing authorities for cabinet secretaries is still vacant because of the illegitimacy of Uhuru’s Presidency. As such, he doesn’t have the moral authority to preside over the appointment of the cabinet secretaries.

    NASA has vowed not to propose the names of the members who will constitute the Committee on Appointments which is tasked to oversee the vetting of the cabinet secretaries.

    The committee on appointments is chaired by Mr. Muturi.

    “As you are aware and is clearly spelled out in the standing order 204(1), the only responsibility of the committee on appointment is to consider for approval by the House, appointments under Article 152(2) of the Constitution,” read part of the letter.

    It goes on, “This requirement presupposes and anticipates the naming of cabinet secretaries by the appointing authority,” adding that: “In view of the above, I wish to remind you that the office of the appointing authority for cabinet secretaries is vacant hence no need to constitute the Committee on Appointments.”

    The letter comes after a deliberation by opposition MPs to boycott a parliamentary session set for today (Tuesday, December 5) afternoon to discuss the vetting of the nominees.

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