Economist and Nasa strategist Dr. Ndii whereabouts unknown after police picked him up-NASA

    The whereabouts of economist and Nasa head of policy and strategy Dr. David Ndii remains unknown after the National Social Coalition claimed that the police arrested him at a hotel in Kwale.

    Mr. Dennis Onyango, the spokesman of Nasa’s leader Raila Odinga broke the news via his Twitter account. He announced that Dr. Ndiii had been arrested, an allegation which the Msambweni police boss Joseph Chebusit denied.
    As reported by one of the local dailies-Nation Newspapers, it is believed that Dr. Ndii was arrested on Sunday evening at around 5 pm with officer drawn from the Special Crime Prevention and the Flying Squad. The Kwale Police County office was on hand to aid the operation.

    Nasa leadership has insisted that Ndii’s arrest is aligned to the economist’s role information of the People’s Assembly, which Nasa says is the final chance to restore democracy and electoral reforms in the country.

    At around 10 pm on Sunday 3, Mr. Onyango again posted a tweet that the police had confirmed the arrest of Mr. Ndii and they were holding him at Diani Police Station. He further claimed that they wanted to go back to his room at Leopard Beach Hotel in Kwale to pick up a computer and laptop for the information they needed. However, it is still unknown which kind of information the police were seeking.

    Kwale County police unit has vehemently denied the arrest allegations saying that they did not have any person with such an identity in their custody.

    Other sources privy to the information indicated that Winnie Odinga, the daughter of Nasa leader was spotted at Diani Police station at the same time. She is believed to have gone to prevent the arrest. However, her involvement seemed to be of a little impact as she reported minutes after her arrival, unmarked police cars detoured the station. She believes that that is the time that the economist was sneaked out.

    The same arrest was confirmed by Dr. Ndii’s family.

    No reason was given for his alleged arrest.

    It is however believed that Mr. Ndii is the brains behind the formation of People’s Assembly by counties which Nasa has been spearheading. He was picked by Nasa of Friday to chair a committee that is expected to deliberate and provide a blueprint towards restoring democracy, electoral reforms and provide legitimate through the People’s Assembly, as reported by the paper.

    Mr. Ndii has been outspoken about Jubilee government and subsequently blasted its poor leadership for the last four years.

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