Sorry arsenal will live to rue their missed chances as they fall to tactical Man United

On Saturday evening Arsenal were outplayed by Manchester United at Emirates Stadium after falling to their tactical display losing 1-3 in the end.

The Arsene Wenger coached side were down two goals in the very first minutes of the game as Manchester United took control of the game.

Antonio Valencia and Jesse Lingard teed up in a fashionable way to score both goals at 4th and 11the minutes to give the Jose Mourinho’s side a dream start to a game they were tipped to lose.

It was a worse start for the home side this term since their brutal loss to Liverpool early in the season when they fall 2-0 inside the first 20 minutes.

As time went on, Arsenal were able to get back into the game with a magnificent display as they charged at Manchester United minutes after minutes. The home team recorded the highest shots on target but it was Man United good goalkeeping by David de Gea who kept Arsenal at bay.

His acrobatic displays ensured that Arsenal were not able to see the back of the net in the first half despite their attacking display.

The second half started off with a dramatic charge from the home side who kept pressing until Lacazette found the back of the net at 58 minutes.

Man United pressed on for a third goal as Arsenal looked weak defensively.

The third goal for the Mourinho’s side came after a first break drive from Paul Pogba who teed up Jesse Lingard for his second goal.

That seemed to have been the last nail for the home team as they struggled to penetrate United defense who seemed to have ‘parked the bus’ after taking control of the game.

Paul Pogba was later sent off for his bad tackle in dying minutes of the game.

Arsenal will live to rue their missed chances as they recorded 32 shots on target compared to United’s 8.

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