It takes a village to raise a child, spare single mothers your wrath

By Special Correspondent

I was recently in a social outing and heard a man say that if single mothers stop having reckless sex, the moral decay and social crimes that we have today would go down.

His comments were unimaginable. How can one blame single mothers for the societal problems we have?

As a matter of fact, single mothers have been blamed for moral decadence, the rising level of crimes and murder rates among many others. Name it all. This is all pegged on their reluctance to get married. But why should they be blamed when it takes a society to raise a man?

It is obvious that a child who has grown in an environment of two adults will have abundance resources and many other to have a good start at life. So obviously being raised by one parent is a sure shortfall of this.

But why should we blame single mothers? Has it always been their choice to raise their kids single-handedly? I don’t think so. In fact, we should blame the absentee father because he is the one who left and failed to take care of the child.

Above all, society should desist from casting blames and creating social misfits when we have ready solutions for the problems we face. We should be accountable and pragmatic in handling of our social problems.

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