Russia, Germany and French Presidents in support of Odinga’s bid

    It has emerged that Russia’s president Vladimir Puttin, Germany Chancellor Angela Markel and French President Emmanuel Macron are said to be in support of Nasa’s leader Raila Odinga bid, sources privy to the information but seeking anonymity have revealed.

    The new development is set to throw Kenya into a political limbo again and give Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency sleepless nights.

    The three countries have failed to come out strongly in support of Uhuru’s re-election, in particular with how the government has been handling opposition supporters.

    Hundreds of civilians including children and women have died in the hands of police during the anti-IEBC demos since August 8 polls which were disbanded by the Supreme Court. The opposition has insisted that they have no confidence in the electoral agency despite it being cleared to run a once again disputed presidential election on October 26.

    The source further added that “We still have to backng from Germany, France, and Russia. Leave alone the US and Britain because they have been part of the system. They believe in subverting democracy but we believe our friends shall stand with us. No matter how long it takes, we are going to be there.”

    Despite unlikely support from the US and Britain who rushed to congratulate Uhuru Kenyatta for his re-election, the source says that Mr. Odinga is enjoying unprecedented support from the three influential European countries.

    With Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu having attended Uhuru’s swearing party at State House Nairobi, London, and Washington DC also rushed to join the bandwagon and sent congratulatory messages as well as representatives.

    “We urge Kenyans to come together after these divisive elections that have even led to death. We also urge all political players to hold dialogue immediately,” read a statement from the US state department.

    On his part, Mr. Odinga has insisted that he doesn’t recognize Uhuru’s presidency and that he will be sworn in on December 12th as the country celebrates Jamhuri Day.

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