Raila Odinga’s Swearing-in invitation cards leaked

Special Correspondent,

December, 1st, 2017,

In what is turning out to be a real threat, leaked documents  show that the NASA Super Alliance is at an advanced stage in planning the swearing in of Prime Minister Raila Odinga on 12/12/2017 at 12:00 pm. In an Invitation card dubbed 12.12.12—Raila is set to be sworn in at noon at a locationto be communicated later.

The Kenyan Report is in possession of VIP invitation cards that invites VVIP to the swearing in of the Peoples President. Political pundits are still mulling at what lurks ahead for Kenya in what appears to be a  looming major confrontation between Jubillee and NASA. It is a situation that can nonger be wished away as hear say— people close to the Peoples president have intimated to the Kenyan Report that Raila is dead serious and will not let down his supporters a third time. He is quoated to have said, ” if Kenya is bigger than all of us, then it should be truly all of us and not some of us,”

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