NASA’s Statement on Police Shooting during the Jacaranda Memorial Service.

NASA’s Statement on Police Shooting during the Jacaranda Memorial Service.

November 28,2017

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga this afternoon condemned the shooting by police of at least five people as the NASA motorcade was trying to wend its way to the memorial service at Jacaranda Gardens for earlier killings. Among those shot was his daughter Winnie Odinga’s driver. Jacaranda Gardens had earlier been sealed off by police to prevent the memorial service from taking place.


Mr. Odinga spoke as the NASA motorcade was leaving Doonholm Estate to try to get to the memorial service’s venue. He said police were constantly tracking his car and the vehicles of other NASA principals.


“This regime has no problems killing Kenyans,” he said. “Lacking popular support, it thinks killing and the use of massive force is what will curb the massive opposition that its unlawful reign faces.”


Mr. Odinga scoffed at the propaganda that was put out today about Jubilee’s “discussions” with his brother Oburu. “They (Jubilee) are the ones desperate for the discussions and keep sending emissaries to that end. I have said repeatedly that I am ready for discussions with Uhuru Kenyatta if these concern the issue of electoral justice, the lack of which is destroying Kenya’s stability. No other dialogue is possible until that fundamental issue of the illegitimacy of the President is resolved.”


Mr. Odinga said that emissaries had reached out to try to negotiate calling off NASA’s planned memorial service while Uhuru’s coronation was going on.


“Uhuru is totally out of touch with Kenyans’ and my own views,” Mr. Odinga said. Right now, “his biggest concern was that dignitaries who came for the coronation not see the depth of opposition to him that the memorial service would have made obvious.”


“We in NASA are proceeding with our People’s Assembly programme which will see new elections held. Our boycott of the sham 26th October election, the program’s first goal, was a staggering success. Such a boycott had never happened before. Kenyans will never again participate in an election that is not guaranteed to be free and fair. This unprecedented democratic determination has made our struggle for electoral justice a beacon of hope for all those on the continent who live in countries where democracy has been squashed for decades.”


​Salim Lone, Adviser

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga​


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