Archbishop who cut off a neckline pooch in defiance of Mugabe’s autocratic rule puts its back ten years later after his ouster

As Zimbabwe honors Mugabe’s birthday through a national holiday

An Archbishop who lives in the United Kingdom has put on a pooch back to his neckline after cutting it off ten years ago following his dislike for former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

Dr.John Sentamu ten years ago cut up his neckline pooch during a live show on British TV BBC and he vowed not to wear it until Mugabe steps down.

At the time he said the move was symbolic to tear Mugabe’s authority into pieces just as he had taken advantage of Zimbabweans and wasted their chances.

The 68-year-old clergy has said despite Mugabe’s ouster, Zimbabwe has a slim chance of getting back to its feet following the takeover by Emmerson Mnangagwa who was Mugabe’s close confidante.

And true to his word, Mugabe was awarded a new role in government as an ‘elder statesman’ days after he resigned.

Birthday Honor

The move came after a raft of other accolades that were bestowed to the 93-year-old who ruled Zimbabwe for almost four decades. It is surprising that the country is making such moves even after Mugabe was accused of spending a lot of monies on wasteful projects and subjecting the country to abject poverty. The 16 million population nation has the highest rate of unemployment rate in Sub-Saharan Africa with more than 90 percent of the citizen jobless.

Mugabe’s tenure is believed to be rocked by multi-billion corruption scandals, electoral injustices, brutal clipping of the dissent and the opposition and continued hanging on to power despite losing elections. This lasted until the military finally forced him out through a peaceful takeover.

Among some of the accolades bestowed upon the former ruler include a public holiday in celebration of his birthday as reported by a state newspaper over the weekend.

“It is hereby declared that February 21 of every year henceforth shall be a public holiday to be known as the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day,” reported The Herald newspaper, in reference to a government gazette.

The move was fronted by his once loyal ruling party ZANU_PF through its youth league. The country’s biggest airport weeks ago was renamed after the nonagenarian politician who ruled the country with an iron fist.

It is reported that a USD 1 billion Robert Mugabe University is underway days after the country’s school of intelligence was named after him.

A raft of other public places and buildings across the country after him.

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