EU steers clear of congratulating the President-elect as Kenyan envoys abroad solicit for congratulatory messages for Uhuru

By Sam Ndalusia,

November 24th, 2017,

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday released a statement through its spokesperson on the Kenyan Supreme Court ruling that validated the results of the repeat Presidential election held on October 26, 2017, election and consequently upheld the poll victory of President Kenyatta.

The Union however steered clear of congratulating President-Uhuru on his re-election validation by the Supreme court since its alleged that most western nations still have concerns on how the repeat election was conducted and more so on the action of the Jubilee Party after the nullification of August 8 election, to amend election laws that made nullification of presidential results next to impossible.

The EU lauded the Supreme Court for its verdict saying it served a greater purpose in ending ‘a long and divisive electoral process’ in the country. The Union also called for an honest dialogue between the opposing political divides especially on the much-sought issue by the NASA leader Raila Odinga, home and abroad; Electoral reforms.

“The ruling ended a long and divisive electoral process. It is time for Kenyans to overcome the divisions and pool efforts to take the country forward. We expect all political forces to engage in genuine and meaningful discussions, including on urgent electoral reforms. The respect for institutions, the separation of powers and respect for fundamental rights are essential in this process,” read the EU statement.

The EU further condemned the rise in electoral violence stating that the security forces should endeavor to not use excessive force on the citizens. The Union urged the political leaders to stop precipitating violence. It (EU) encouraged the leaders to respect the Supreme Court verdict that validated President Uhuru’s election in the repeat poll.

“The recent increase in electoral violence is unacceptable. It is essential for all political forces to refrain from inciting violence and to accept the results of the Court ruling and of the elections. Security forces should exercise maximum restraint and a proportional use of force. The EU stands with all Kenyans who support and reaffirm Kenyan democracy and is committed to continued cooperation with President Kenyatta and his government,” concluded the statement.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government has come under fierce criticism after it appeared that the Kenyan envoys locally and abroad are soliciting congratulatory messages for President Kenyatta from several countries to indicate their support and recognition for President Uhuru’s controversial re-election. These messages are generally never supposed to be prompted by the recipient country in the normal order of events.

The first congratulatory message reported by the Kenyan government through Twitter was clearly solicited by Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed from the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as it was reportedly confirmed through a spokesperson of the British Foreign Office that the message was not official but just casual talk during a discussion of the Zimbabwe situation.

“The Foreign Secretary spoke to the Kenyan Foreign Minister to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe. During the conversation, she updated him that Supreme Court proceedings in Kenya had now concluded and the Foreign Secretary rightly congratulated her,” confirmed a British Foreign Office Spokesperson.

A few moments later, after CS Amina Mohamed’s banter talk with the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the Kenyan government tweeted that: “Britain Congratulates @PresidentKE @UKenyatta on his re-election through UK Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson. CS @AMB_A_Mohammed confirms.”

According to the Kenyan government official twitter account, other countries that congratulated President Uhuru after Tuesday’s court ruling were South Sudan, Bangladesh and most expectedly, Uganda.

A leaked e-mail according to The Financial Times revealed how Kenya’s ambassador to Brussels and the European Union, Johnson Weru is moving earth and heaven to secure congratulatory messages for Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Following the Supreme Court of Kenya ruling early today and which has upheld the victory of President Kenyatta, I am kindly requesting your indulgence in preparing and dispatching a suitable congratulations message. I am at hand for any quick consultations,” reads a quick email from Mr. Weru soliciting for a congratulatory message from a foreign government.

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