MP Junet reveals what he discussed with Raila on his trip to Tanzania

Junet Mohammed has revealed what he and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga did when they went to Tanzania this week.

The Suna East Member of Parliament through his Twitter account on Wednesday indicated that he was with the National Social Alliance leader discussing serious issues concerning the country and the entire East Africa region.

His post read:

“In Tanzania with Baba discussing serious issues of my country and the region. Security is well provided.”

Mr. Odinga travelled to Zanzibar on Sunday November 19, just hours before the Supreme Court of Kenya gave its final verdict on the October 26 presidential election upholding President Kenyatta’s win.

According to his communication advisor, Mr. Odinga flew to Zanzibar due to the unrest that was being experienced in Kenya.

There are no further reasons given for his trip to President John Maghufuli’s land.

The opposition leader jetted back into late Yesterday ahead of a major announcement by the party.


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