Fresh hopes as Governor Anyang Nyongo forms Kisumu Peace Corps.

By Viscount Francis K’Owuor,
November 23rd, 2017,
Governor Anyang Nyongo yesterday scored a first one when he organized and brought together a number of volunteers who will maintain political law and order whenever residents are called upon  to exercise their sovereign and civic rights of picketing, protesting , demostrating, or through any form of mass action.
Their briefs will include ensuring that criminal elements do not take advantage of an unstable political environment to destroy public properties, loot ,rob or extort money from residents. The peace corps will deal with people burning tyres on the road.
The establishment of the Peace Corps comes at the backdrop of growing concerns that criminal groups are taking advantage of demonstrations called by the opposition to wreck havoc in Kisumu.
As long standing resident  I wish to recommend this step and urge fellow residents to confer full authority on Governor  Nyongo to deal with undisciplined miscreants. Kisumu is a city and a mother county. How we manage will shape the region’s economy. We can’t drop that noble duty in the hands of outlaws.
More importantly, I want to commend ODM youth, majority of whom have now matured and are outside the conventional youth bracket, for developing a new culture of tolerance and  non violence.
It is expected that deploying the Peace Corps against an emerging youth who are responsible for criminals activities during demonstrations will cause confrontations and create an image of a politically divided city. However, this can be avoided if members of  the public extend moral authority to the Peace Corps, and a clear message is sent before hand that our political agenda remains one, and we are all united behind that specified agenda, but criminals must stay away.
Lastly, it is hoped that  the Peace Corps will not  transform into a Vigilante Group, otherwise they would turn out to be injurious to the very objects that informed their establishment.
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