Western countries congratulate Uhuru, casting anxiety in Nasa camp

Nasa leader Mr. Raila Odinga

Western countries on Monday weighed in on the Supreme Court of Kenya verdict after in upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta win in the October 26 repeat polls by congratulating the president for his re-election.

Britain has joined a raft of other countries who sent their congratulatory message to the President through their foreign affairs ministries and embassies.

The two petition that sought to invalidate Kenyatta’s win was dismissed by the apex court for lack of merit.

The development is a blow to the opposition and Mr. Raila Odinga’s camp as he struggles to chat a new path in the aftermath of Supreme Court’s verdict.

Mr. Odinga had hoped to get the support of Western Countries and on Monday reacted to Supreme Court’s ruled by terming Mr.Kenyatta’s win illegitimate despite the court validating it.

Kenyans are still in a political sand-wind as President Kenyatta inauguration is set for next Tuesday 28 while it is still unknown what course the opposition will take.


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