Miguna explains why he never brings God into politics and other contests

By Samwel Ndalusia,

November 21st, 2017,

The NASA’s National Resistance Movement’s self-declared General Miguna Miguna is at it once again calling upon the opposition coalition’s faithful troops to stop hiding behind keyboards and screens typing on social media what they want done and instead get out there and make it happen.

The former aide to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga warns against bringing God into politics and other contests, stating that such an action unwittingly paints God as weak. The outspoken Canadian lawyer explains his sentiments using an example of NASA supporters calling on God to help them defeat Jubilee or make the Supreme Court ruling go their way and then when it fails, it looks as if God didn’t deliver, consequently making “the sorcerers in Jubilee declare Uhuru as God’s choice”.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 21, under the page of ‘Raila Odinga For President 2017-The Kenya We Want’, the author of the controversial book; Peeling Back the Mask, explains further why he believes that God gives us the tools to face life and that we shouldn’t go back to God inviting him to moderate political contests. Here’s Miguna Miguna’s full post:

”The fight for multipartyism and democratic space (including free speech) began in the 60s and ended in 1991. Nearly 30 years of torture, blood, sweat, deaths and despondency. Democracy warriors spent long nights in waterlogged cells, other times with a python for company. When impunity wanted to break your spirit, it would take away your humanity and make you feel worthless, then humiliate you totally.

This is to all those who listen to one Supreme Court ruling, or see one night of violence and go “haki God come save us woyee”.

You are a fool!

More so because you are just typing from a safe place. Did you see young men on Friday hanging desperately on the cars of our President and elected leaders, protecting them with their bodies, taking beatings from police stones, tear gas canisters and bullets? Do you think they care about “haki God they will kill us nyaka karang’o?”. No. They are warriors. They know some will die, others will be maimed, but justice and freedom will come for future generations. That is the spirit of a revolution.

But today, let me tell you why I never bring God into politics and other contests. Because we unwittingly paint God as weak. You see, we ask God to help us defeat Jubilee or make the Supreme Court ruling go our way, and then when it fails, it looks as if God didn’t deliver. We make the sorcerers in Jubilee declare Uhuru as God’s choice. Can you imagine that! We lower God to the level of Jubilee and NASA. I am a practicing Anglican (albeit one who believes in polygamy, wife inheritance, good wine, Rastafarianism and the place of Lwanda Magere and Messiah Melkio Ondeto as prophets of my Kano people). I believe in God, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son our Lord. I recite the Apostles Creed a lot. Especially when I’m broke and the kids need tonnes of bread. There is a good chance I am going to heaven. Especially now that I’m sure Uhuru and Ruto are going to hell.

But I also believe God gives us the tools to face life and we shouldn’t go back to him inviting him to moderate political contests.

Koffi Annan was the Undersecretary for Peacekeeping when the Rwanda genocide happened. If you have watched the genocide movie “Shooting Dogs”, you will know Annan was the man in charge of that unit led by that French Captain who pulled out and let the slaughter begin. When Annan went to Rwanda years later as Secretary General, for a genocide memorial, they asked him; “Koffi, you are African like us…where were you? And where was God?”. Annan had no answer. Like dignitaries always do, he pulled out a white handkerchief and wiped out imaginary tears, or maybe tears induced by a dose of Robb or Kaluma (by the way I find that Kaluma thing very good for Flu!).

I can’t remember if it is a book by Ken Saro Wiwa or it was Wole Soyinka, who answered that question for Annan even before it was asked in Rwanda. “God is in the machette, club, gun and spear I use to defend my family. I do not wait for him in another form when I have him in my hands. I unleash him and keep my family safe”.

When we were moving around with the NRM Doctors Brigade on Saturday to treat our injured comrades, we came across this young Kamba girl who had been gang raped at Burma. Her rapists had not been satisfied with taking away her dignity, so they sliced her breasts with knives to degrade her to zero. I have always told people close to me that I can stomach them killing our people, but I can’t stand the rape of our women. Anyway, so she couldn’t speak, but her brothers, who had picked her from the scene, spoke. Their words were few; “Msituambie pole, haitatusaidia, endeni muambie Baba atupatie bunduki ama atuache tujisort kienyeji”. The girl was too stunned to express any emotions. The brothers were in tears all through. I drove home and left the doctors there. I still don’t know why.

You see God was there that day. God was in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Syria, Chad, Libya, Somalia…God was there all those years. Yet you are here expressing weak emotions because Maraga has not read a ruling a certain way. You see for me, like Saro Wiwa, God is in that panga that I keep under my bed! And the other weapons I store in readiness for the day.

So forgive me if I don’t take your religious bullshit about faith in the middle of a revolution. Fidel Castro took 80 men and went to confront Fulgence Baptista. Paul Kagame took a few thousand men and marched to Kigali. John Garang went to the bush. And Hezekiah Ochuka Rabala picked up guns.

Change does not come via faith typed on social media.

So now locomote!”

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