Exclusive!! Malia Obama lights-up a cigarette and makes-out with a mystery dude at a Havard–Yale football game in the full glare of the cameras

Kenyan Report Correspondent,

November 21st, 2017,

The former first daughter of the United States of America and the first-born daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle was on Saturday 19th of November captured lighting up a cigarette and making out with a mystery dude in a pregaming event in New Haven, Ct. Malia ended-up passionately kissing a mystery dude who was also pulling for Havard going by his tee.

The controversy—social media in the States went bonkers when Malia was seen lighting up a cigarette to go with it in what many observers brushed aside as a freshman doing what freshmen do. This romantic rendezvous was captured by TMZ paparazzi who are always everywhere and never disappoint—last year Malia was also captured smoking some blunt at a lollapalooza— an annual music festival that features popular alternative rock, punk, hip-hop and electronic music. It would be interesting to learn how President Obama will react to this news—just this fall he was seen tearing-up after dropping her daughter at the prestigious Ivy League School.

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