End of an Era as Mugabe Resigns. How sycophancy and dictatorship ruins progress to African greatness.


By Obulukhu wa Musasia

November 21, 2017

President Robert Mugabe, the man who delivered Zimbabwe from the hands of colonialists and who has ruled the county for almost 4 decades stepped down from power today after immense pressure from the Military and members of his own Party ZANU-PF.

President Mugabe’s resignation was an attempt to save face in the wake of an impeachment motion that would have otherwise removed him from office unceremoniously.

Zimbabwe’s coup or not so coup has been hailed by many across the world on how peaceful it has been. Soldiers were seen mingling freely with civilians and in some instances dancing; rare scenes in most military coups.

Most African leaders are surrounded by sycophants who are serving self-interests at the expense of the greater good of the country. Such was the case for Zimbabwe, once considered a great African inspiration story.

Endowed with mineral wealth and a rich farmland, Zimbabwe’s road map to greatness was already written. Not until those around Mugabe started taking advantage of the Old man’s age and crippling the country’s potential. His wife, Grace Mugabe, 41 years young and who was once his secretary exemplified the definition of opulence spending that comes with absolute power.

Arrogance, privilege and entitlement consumed Grace Mugabe, she literally became untouchable. She couldn’t be questioned, neither was she accountable to anyone. Such is the attitude of sycophants across Africa who believe that their actions are beyond reproach and above the law.

Doesn’t it amaze anyone how ministers serving Mugabe’s administration were found with millions of dollars in their houses at the time when millions of Zimbabwean citizens are languishing in poverty?

What was witnessed in Zimbabwe should serve as a warning to despotic regimes in Africa. Although that will also make such regimes install their tribesmen and relatives on positions of power within the military to prevent such an occurrence as it happened in Zimbabwe.

The journey to African greatness is still a mirage when African pretend “democracies” are filled with leaders who espouse Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies. Their sycophants will always sing songs of praises to such leaders as long as they benefit and the poor continue to suffer.

The world awaits to see what difference president Emerson Mnangagwa will bring once he assumes office. Will he break the curse of African leaders, or be a link that will perpetuate the incompetence? Time Will Tell.

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