How Police Shot at Hon. Raila Odingas car, hitting it several times. What the Mainstream media won’t tell you.


Kenyan Report Correspondent

November 19, 2017

There have been conflicting reports about this attack on Hon.Raila Odingas car. Most media reports have highlighted the police’s laughable assertions that no bullets were used that day in dismissing the claim of any such attack.

However, that’s contrary to the truth; here is a brief account as narrated by Hon.Railas daughter Winnie Odinga, who was in the car, having accompanied her father on the visit to the US.

“It came of the blue, this huge blast of a tear gas canister hitting the car from one of those weaponized throwers you have seen in videos. That was immediately followed by other hand thrown canisters hurled at the car, and at least half a dozen gun shots that hit the car all around us, of the kind you associate with AK47s. I just could not believe that the PM’s car was actually coming under fire in broad daylight with scores of witnesses looking on”.

“The most frightening moment was when a bullet hit the windscreen and shattered it. Had it not been a bullet proof car, that bullet would have hit Mzee.  Two bullets also hit the car on the side I was sitting.”

Based on Winnie’s account of what transpired while she was in the car, it appears as if the main stream media is reluctant to pursue truth and establish the facts. Otherwise, believing a lie concocted by the police without verification is only comparable to being an accomplice to distorted facts, especially when dealing with the police that shot and killed baby Pendo and other victims of post elections violence in Kisumu.

Police action during Raila Odinga’s welcome home rally was a direct attempt at Hon. Raila Odinga’s life. This country need police reforms that upholds the rule of law and exercise their independence without interference with from the executive.

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