A former controversial female presidential candidate is sex starved

By Special Correspondent,

November 11th, 2017,

The controversial Kingwa Kamencu is sex-starved after allegedly sleeping with millions of men.

The former presidential candidate has caused an online stir after posting an advert seeking to fulfill her sexual desires. She posted on her Facebook page that she is yet to fulfill her annual target of having sex with 50 million men.

Her post read, “This year I have had sex with 49,634,821 handsome men. I am yet to meet my annual target of 50 million. I, therefore, request that if you are a handsome man willing to help me reach my goals, you kindly inbox me.”

Her crazy numbers have even surpassed the total number of people living in Kenya according to census statistics.

The provocative lady has previously caused mixed reactions due to her naked online photo uploads.

She also stripped naked on her online reality drama film titled “Why you should vote Kingwa Kamencu as president.” The reality online show she launched in August came with a lot of bizarreness ad awkwardness.

Kamencu will be remembered for encouraging ladies to go panty-less through a movement she championed in 2015 titled Underwear Free Movement.

Kamencu has previously said that she has nothing to hide and therefore she doesn’t fear to strip naked. She notes that she believes in accountability and transparency and she has nothing to hide.




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