Jeff Koinange grandmother dies aged 117

By Special Correspondent

November 10th, 2017,

Popular radio and TV host Jeff Koinange is mourning.

Mr. Koinange lost his grandmother Gathoni Elizabeth Koinage who passed on at the age of 117.

Gathoni was the only surviving widow of Senior Chief Koinange.

The renowned journalist broke the sad news through his Twitter post on Friday morning. The Twitter post read: “Folks, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing away of one of my GREATEST Shujaas Go well grandma..You OUTLIVED many and at 117, you were a true PATRIOT and a MATRIARCH to all. Rest with the Angels & we shall see you when we get there.”

Some of his followers and Kenyans took to Twitter to offer condolences. See their messages below:


“My condolences to you and your family on hearing the death of your grandmother. May she rest in peace.”


“Pole sana ndugu. She lived a good life and outlived very many of her mates. She saw things that many of us would only read in history books. A legend!”


“May she R.I.P and in all seasons we give thanks for He remains to be God.”

Ms. Gathoni, who was the fifth of six Senior Chief Koinange wives, was lucky to see her sixth generation of the family. According to the family, she died at her Kiambaa rural home in Kiambu County.

She died of old age on Thursday evening at around 9.30 pm. Family sources say that she was not sick. She started refusing to eat for the better part of Thursday and did not take any meal.

It is believed that Ms. Gathoni was born circa 1990. Her national identity card showed so. At her age, she arguably participated in all the elections Kenya has ever had, and she was in the process of earning recognition in the Guinness World Book of record.

And recently saw her story featured on the BBC.

The family says that her memory was sharp despite her old age and she would recall the events of her youth with ease. Some of the events happened before Kenya attained independence and witnessed both the first and second world wars.

She was very particular about her meals and never took any form of cooking oil or salt. Her meal mostly consisted of boiled foods and traditional diets like potatoes, green bananas, yams and pumpkins among others. It is believed that perhaps that might be the reason why she hardly got sick and was full of life.

The deceased was born in Banana, Kiambu County and never went to school in spite of her father is wealthy.

The Kenyan Report and its team wish the Koinange family strength and courage during this mourning period. May she Rest in Peace.





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