Facebook to connect Kenyan internet users via Wi-Fi in over 850 hotspots

By Sylvester Okumu,

November 8th, 2017,

Social media juggernaut Facebook has connected 850 hotspots to its low-to-middle cost internet service users in Kenya since March this year. It has further plans to link an additional 150 public residences before the end of 2017.

The Social media giant said during the launch of the service with local partners that they are using Internet Access to drive social and economic opportunities for the locals as well as enable an affordable exchange of information and data. This, they are doing by ensuring that the service is available and allow the use that promotes constructive social and economic outcomes in the country, and the region as well.

Facebook local partners Internet Solutions Kenya and Surf Kenya have plans to cover over 20 towns with the hotspot service in the next two months.

They released a report that indicates the current coverage has reached parts of the capital city-Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, and Kisumu. In Nairobi, Surf Kenya said that they have installed the hotspots in institutions of higher learnings such as Zetech University, KCA University and the Technical University of Kenya.

They also announced partnerships with local entrepreneurs (mostly retailers), to drive rapid network growth.

Surf Kenya has missions to expand the Kenyan consumers’ internet access options and is excited to cover over 1,000 hotspots by the end of the year, said the firm in a statement. That, in essence, will allow users to connect more, stream more, play more, learn more and earn more bucks by doing business online.

The firm further expressed its excitement to work with Facebook to power Wi-Fi hotspots in the country.

Facebook offers one of the cheapest daily bundles and internet connection to the market retailing as low as Kshs 15.

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