Kibera residents condemn police brutality

Kenyan Report Correspondent,

October 27th, 2017,

Residents from Kibera, Kenya’s largest slums have condemned police brutality during the electioneering period.

The residents have also come up in arms voicing their concerns against the presence of police in the area asking the government to withdraw any police force still based in the area that was meant to oversee the repeat presidential polls.

There was heavy police machinery in the area yesterday. They were meant to protect the voters and make sure that the IEBC led polls to go on. It is alleged that instead of providing the security they were engaged in running battles with the residents injuring scores of them.

Olympic Primary School that was meant to be a polling station and one of the tallying centers for yesterday’s presidential polls was cordoned off by heavy boulders.

Earlier today residents complained that normalcy has not returned to the region as there is still panic and fear that police might storm the area and cause havoc. Many businesses had not opened in the region by midmorning as most residents remained indoors to see how events will unfold.

The police have come under scrutiny by opposition leaders and civil societies for brutality and murder of innocent protestors.

Yesterday four people were killed including a child in and scores injured as anti-election protesters engaged the police in running battles.

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