The best NASA resistance Movement plan is to have 100 NASA MPs resign. But can they do it?

Al Musasia

October 25, 2017

Jubilee has finally executed its plan to go ahead with their repeat election come rain come or come shine. Me thinks this would happened regardless of whether Ekuro and company would have been on the ballot or not. Irked by Supreme Court ruling in favor of NASA, It appears that jubilee strategists were prepared to go all in irrespective of the repercussion and consequences that decision would cause. Sure enough, they have done it.

Now that president Uhuru’s second term is guaranteed, the best option is for NASA to have 100 of its MP resign. With Uhuru having been sworn in as president, he will be ineligible to stand for reelection for the third time. That means that we will go for a fresh general election in which everyone will be subjected to the ballot except Uhuru Kenyatta.

Should this plan succeed, NASA could agree on having one candidate per elective post and avoid mistakes they made during the August elections.

Alternatively, they should guarantee direct nominations and to al those who may end up resigning to avoid unnecessary and brutal nomination exercise at the party level.

The price of freedom requires a sacrifice that we all must be prepared to pay. Much as we require gallant supporters to soldier on, likewise, our Members of parliament must also be ready and willing to sacrifice their political careers for the sake of freedom that we shall all enjoy.

Kenya is at cross roads, we must win this fight and we have to use all options on the table. The resignation of 100 NASA MPs will be a gift to those whose life has been lost in the struggle for a free and fair elections. The BIG question is, how far can the NASA MPs go in the fight for freedom and justice? Is resignation too much to ask?


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