When did we start exporting corruption? Two Kenyan women charged with Fraud in the United States.


Kenyan Report Correspondent

October 22, 2017

Most African countries are synonymous with corruption starting with Nigeria whose reputation has been severely damaged by corruption allegations and online fraud. So serious is this issue, such that a disclaimer accompanies most forms warning United States citizens to be aware of online solicitations.

Seems like the days of the good name of Kenyans abroad are numbered. In less than two months, two Kenyan women have separately been accused of fraud.

On August 25th, 2017, a Kenyan woman in Kennesaw, Georgia was arrested for stealing $773,079.35 from the University of Connecticut. MS. Nzuki had pretended to be a Dell Computers employee and rerouted the payment meant for Dell computers to her account.

She will be in court in December 1st, 2017 on charges of first degree of laceny and computer crime. She was released on a $500,000 bond.

On Wednesday October 11th, 2017, Hellen Kiago, a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts was arrested and charged with Medicaid Fraud. Through her company Lifestream Healthcare Alliance which has offices in Worcester and Dracut Massachusetts, it’s alleged that she billed Medicaid more hours than authorized and ordered her employees to forge Physicians (Doctors) signatures in paper work she filed with Medicaid.

Ms. Kiago is facing charges of five counts of Medicaid false claims and one count of larceny over $250 by false presences for stealing $2.7 Million between December 1st, 2016 and July 28th, 2017.She was released on a $100,000 bond and is due in court on December 6th, 2017.

When one may have thought corruption behavior ended at Jomo Kenyatta international Airport; seems like it was all wrong. The ugly head of corruption is surely but slowly following Kenyans abroad. Sooner or later, corruption and Fraud abroad will not be a preserve of Nigerians.




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