A police officer shots dead son of businessman at their home

Police tape at an armored car robbery. | Brian Jackson~Sun-Times

KR Correspondent,

October 22nd, 2017,


A police operation on Sunday Morning turned tragic after they shot the son of an Asian businessman in Westland’s area Nairobi where they had raided the home, sources say.

There are no clear reports on what the police were searching when the shooting happened.

The home is believed to be that of Bobmil Mattresses owner, a Kenyan of Asian descent.

Neighbours say that the police who wore masked were searching the house of the billionaire when one of them shot and killed his son. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the nearby MP Shah Hospital.

Witnesses say the police even had an armored car which was parked outside the house of the business owner and immediately left the scene after the operation.

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