Ekuro Aukot : Traitor or Reformer? will you vote for him?

Kenyan Report Correspondent

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If you thought the October 26th presidential elections were a joke. Wait until you hear Ekuro Aukot, the man who got a second stab at the presidency by virtue of NASA’s presidential petition ask Baba (Hon. Raila Odinga) for endorsement. The man whose name Ekuro stands for Rain in Turkana language, meaning that he was born when it was raining, had his presidential dream reborn at the moment in Kenya when teargas and live bullets  by rogue police officer are raining on innocent and peaceful protesters.

It’s fair to claim that Ekuro’s name on the ballot is due to Justice Mativo’s ruling. This was after he filed a case challenging Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions (IEBC) decision to omit his name from the repeat elections. Nevertheless, Ekuro Aukot wouldn’t be on the ballot were it not for NASA’s election petitions that led to the nullification of the August presidential results.

Following the court’s verdict. IEBC was compelled to add Ekuro’s name and five more names will be on the upcoming ballot. Funny enough, some candidates had conceded defeat and pledged to work with Uhuru Kenyatta. They even went ahead and claimed that elections were free and fair. Wonders never cease in Kenya where no one can tell difference between IEBC and the ruling party. Pronouncements by Deputy President to the effect that Raila Odinga will be on the ballot were effectively implemented by IEBC in direct disregard to legal implications. IEBC has lost case after case in court for making political decisions that have no constitutional basis.

The decision to add Aukot on the ballot at the time when Hon. Raila Odinga had withdrawn from the race was another way of IEBC saving face. Majority of NASA supporters believe that Ekuro Aukot is a jubilee project out to serve his selfish interests.

Other than embark on the campaign trail to sell his agenda to Kenyans. He has joined a team of Raila bashers and endorsers of an illegitimate process. One wonders whether he was a real reformer or a mere pretender.

Infact there has been more NASA protests than Ekuro Aukot campaigns rallies. This election cycle has revealed to Kenyans genuine fighters of justice, the rule of law and democracy against pretenders. Dr. Ekuro Aukot joins a growing list of fake defenders of democracy, the constitution and injustice.

On this list of shame are Omar Hassan Omar, Ababu Namwamba and Dr. PLO Lumumba, Dr. Otwoma and many others whose current stand in the election stalemate has been motivated by financial gain and personal hate for Rail Odinga.

As a father of two daughters Naro Njeri Aukot and Alakara Muthoni Aukot and as a husband to Lorna Wanjiku Mathenge, Dr. Ekuro Aukot having been the CEO of the committee of experts that formed current Kenyan constitution; he should put interests of majority of Kenyans before his own, defend the constitution he helped create and be on the right side of history.

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